The yellow, green and bright blue birds, With beautiful wings and sharp eyes. ‘Toot, toot’ and ‘Teet, teet’ they go, As they cry their cries. Oh! The yummy fruits, The watermelons and mangoes. And on the tall banana trees, Up the monkey goes! The sleeveless shirts and the very short shorts, The cotton shirts soaked […]

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Top 5 Books I Read in 2018

Hey Friends, Happy New Year! Last year I posted a blog post about the Top 5 books I read in 2017. Keeping up the tradition, today I am going to do the same, Top 5 books I read in 2018. Let’s get started. As I look back I can think of many books that I […]

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Trip to THAND!

This month I went to East-India (Specifically West Bengal) for a wedding (I will write a post on that later!). After the wedding, we had time to roam around so we went to Ganktok, Sikkim. There we stayed in a hotel and went to restaurants and had lots of fun (Gonna write a post on […]

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My Papa

Its October, my father’s birthday month so today I am going to tell you about my most awesome, fantastic, bold and kind of bald father. My father is, well if you look at him you would not see a muscular superman standing there but if you get to know him he will be your fastest […]

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Reading Habits

Today I am going to tell you my views on a topic that my mom and I have been discussing for some days now. Mom says its a very common discussion so here is what I think – Kindle Vs. Physical Books. I think there are two types of book readers, E-book-readers (EBR) and Just-normal-book-readers […]

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Surprise on the Beach

“What was that?”, I thought My mind racing for the answer I sought. Was the thing really ‘IT’? No, no! It just doesn’t fit!   I was skipping on the beach, When I spotted a whale I couldn’t believe my eyes But ofcourse, they could never fail!   I rushed to call my mother, But […]

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Siddipolis Turns Three!

Its been three whole years since I started blogging and I can’t imagine how the time has flown by. But its not only my site or my number of likes, it is also me, who’s grown! Now that it has been three years of writing and sharing my experiences I feel different from that first […]

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