Metric Measurement

Chorus: Metric Measurement, hey! hey! Metric Measurement. Grams, liters and the meters, Why do they sound the same?   Be careful not to mix them up When the recipe says teaspoon not cup. Did you hear of the boy who ran 100 kilometers? He forgot the race was only of one hundred meters! Chorus   … More Metric Measurement

My Grandpatents

Look look at my grandparents, Both are old and feeble but wise and kind-hearted are they. My Grandfather He is a cool and gentle man, Strong and tall is he, He is a terrorizing father for my mother, But he doesn’t keep any rules for me! Old but strong, My Grandfather My Grandmother She is … More My Grandpatents

Sunday Musings

The ‘Circus of Adventure‘ is a book By Enid Blyton that I finished today. It was amazing! It was so gripping that when I took it to potty, I ended up sitting there for almost 45 mins! I had bought the book from the ‘Books by Weight‘ place and I regret buying only one of … More Sunday Musings


I saw a movie called Coco today and here is my review about it. It was my friends birtday party. Her name is Tamanna and her mom booked tickets for the movie in Raghulila mall. Coco is the story of a boy who lives in mexico and is inspired by a man who sang to … More Coco