My Papa

Its October, my father’s birthday month so today I am going to tell you about my most awesome, fantastic, bold and kind of bald father. My father is, well if you look at him you would not see a muscular superman standing there but if you get to know him he will be your fastest … More My Papa

Reading Habits

Today I am going to tell you my views on a topic that my mom and I have been discussing for some days now. Mom says its a very common discussion so here is what I think – Kindle Vs. Physical Books. I think there are two types of book readers, E-book-readers (EBR) and Just-normal-book-readers … More Reading Habits

Life of a 5th Grader – Learning Fractions!

This week I learned how math is so easy like 2 digit multiplications, short fast divisions, adding fractions, & Bla-di-Bla. But today we are going to understand Fraction Multiplication.   Its verrrrrrrry simple, extra! extra! emphasis on verrrrrrrrrry! The person who made it simple – well wait – the persons who made it easier for … More Life of a 5th Grader – Learning Fractions!

My Best Friend

Most “best buddies” are of similar age and spend a lot of time together. I am different. My best friend, Jay Tiwari, is 5 years elder to me but is still my best friend. Jay is very helpful. He is always taking my side while playing and during fights. He looks out for me like … More My Best Friend