I went on the local train

My dad left his car in his office on Friday. So on Saturday morning Dad, Mom and I went to his office to pick up our car. AND WE WENT BY THE MUMBAI LOCAL TRAIN!!! It was my first ride in the local train. It was terriffic!

Mine and Dad’s ticket cost rs. 10/- each and Mom got her pass.  Initially, I was a bit unsure about going on the train. I was expecting it to be very crowded, with people pushing and shoving each other. But it wasn’t as crowded as I had thought.


I got a seat but my Mom n Dad did not. So they stood next to me. After some time they also got a seat each. There were many people on the train. Some people were sleeping. Some were playing games. Some were chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Our stop was 6th, we got off at Bandra. When I was getting down dad told me to exit with my right leg. But it was too late. I had already gotten down with my left leg.

After we got off the train we walked n walked for atleast 1 and a half km to Dad’s office. We also had some snacks like vada-pav and lassi!

Finally we got our car and then Dad drove us back home!


3 thoughts on “I went on the local train

  1. Very interesting. I’d say you were lucky not to find the train too crowded. But its a great experience for one to have, leaving the comfort of your car and understanding how millions of people travel; each day. Hopefully will give you empathy.


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