I went to see Ganpati

It was Ganesh Chaturthi day before yesterday. In Ganesh Chaturthi it it Lord Ganesha’s birthday. Some people keep Lord Ganesh’s murthi in their homes.

I went to different places to see and pray to Ganapati. I had lots of fun. I went to…5 houses. I got lots of prasad.

Vihaan is my best friend and he stays in my society, but he is going to shift next year.

Vihaan and I went to Marve beach so we could let the Ganapati idol get dissolved in water and celebrate visarjan. The Ganpati idol that I am talking about is Vihaan’s idol.


We dug a hole in the sand at the beach. We made a sand castle. We covered our legs with sand at the beach. We saw the process of Visarjan. We should not bring the Ganpati platform empty. So we brought some sand instead.



After that we went back. On the way Vihaan got so hungry that he could not bare his hunger. I controlled my hunger for a long time.

When we came back to our society we saw a band in white clothes playing drums and different types of instruments. In that band there was an oragne flag which they were holding and waving.

It was a great day!


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