My Nani’s Birthday at Mainland China

I went to a Chinese restaurant called Mainland China. It was my nani’s birthday. Four people went there – my Nani, my dad, my mom and I.

We ordered some Thai Green Curry, a pot of orange juice (which I didn’t like) some steamed rice and vegetables in soya sauce. The food was very tasty. I liked noodles most because it was not spicy and I don’t like spicy things. I didn’t try the Thai Green curry but my papa liked it the most. My nani liked everything but my mom didn’t like the Thai green curry. Except the Thai green curry she liked everything. We didn’t order any desert because our tummies were very full and I was planning to have a doughnut. But my mom didn’t buy me a doughnut as we had my nani’s birthday cake at home.

The  place was clean and there were lights hanging from the ceiling that made the place look traditional.

While we were having our dinner we shared some jokes and riddles turn by turn. I told the most number of jokes and riddles.

They made tasty food and gave us good  service. They also gave me a higher chair. I had a good time over there.

So finally I give them 10/10 stars!


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