Aaaannnd I’m back!

Hello! I’m back. I was busy. Let me tell you what all I did.

I opened my bank account. I put some money in it. I sang a song about it too! The next sentence is for those who play ‘Clash of Clans’. I got a wizard tower. It will take 11 hours to get ready.

My swimming sir told me about a new competition which is coming in December. It is interschool so my dad went to my school to talk to them about helping me take part in it.

My brother came to visit me on Thursday. It was a surprise visit and they stayed with us for 4 days! On Saturday I saw my Tauji and Taiji also. I had lots of fun. We also went to a mall where we played lots of games and ate burgers. I now have 809 tickets on my game card. On Sunday they all left.

On Tuesday I got hurt on my knee twice. But now it is alright.

So this what I have been doing all these days.


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