My Passport Experience

Hello, today I am going to tell you about my experience of making a passport.

First my mom and dad registered online for my mom’s passport renewal amd my fresh passport application. We started in the evening but it was a long and very big form that’s why it took a lot of time. I slept in the middle but my mom and dad continued because it was late in the night.

Two weeks later on 2nd November 2015, that means yesterday, I went to the passport office. I had to stand in the line for a lot of time. From there I got my token number. After that I photocopied one document. Then I met an uncle who took my papers, checked it and told me dad to sign it. He also took my thumb print to put on that (because of the thumb print I could not take my thumb in my mouth). Then we had to wait for a very very very long time. While we were waiting I ate my lunch. After that I played some funny games with my mummy because I was getting bored.

Then when my number came, i went inside a big cabin. The aunty checked all my documents. Now comes the interesting part. I exactly dont know the name of the paper which I didn’t bring but I know one thing about it – it was a very very important paper. So that aunty rejected my application. Then my dad said to the manager that he needs to go out of the gates becuase he has forgotten some papers. So he took his permission. The manager gave us half an hour. Dad rushed home like a superman and my mummy told my didi to find the file. But did couldn’t find the file. When dad reached home he found the file and rushed like a superman again and came back in half an hour!

Then we went back and then the manager said that it is not rejected. We didn’t have to do the whole process again but only the longest process. But the lucky part was that this time it took only 5 minutes. Usually it takes more than half an hour!!! Finally they accepted my papers. Before delivering the passport they said there will be some police checking and if they are fine with everything I will get my passport!!!!! Yeyeyeye!

I hope I get my passport soon!


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