My Trip to Jaipur

I went to Jaipur. My dad and I went by train. My mom didn’t come with us. First I cried then mom told me “I will come on Sunday”. Then I stopped crying and went. I went because it was my chachoo’s wedding. Oh! I totally forgot to tell you why my mom didn’t come. She could not come with us because she didn’t get holidays from office.

I got a lot of boring things to do in the train. Like sleeping…oh just forget it! So BORING…SO BORING…nothing more boring than that! Finally my boring time got over. At 1pm on 18th Nov I reached Jaipur. My Dadoo was waiting outside for us. I pulled my own suitcases. My Dadoo praised me a lot…I mean A LOT for this. At last I reached my Dadoo’s car and then we left from the station.

On the way my Dadoo showed me many things in Jaipur like statues, police station and many more things.

When I reached Dadoo’s house only my youngest cousin was home, all the others had gone to school. When they came I met everyone…my cousins, my taijis, taujis, dadoos and dadis. I felt very good. I took gifts for my cousin sisters. My sisters, Ginni didi and Angel gave me two smart T-shirts. Bharat gave me a book to read – ‘Gerenimo Stillton: Mouse in space’. And and and…Parth bhaiya gave me two books to read and some chocolates.

There I played cricket with my cousins and I made 4 runs also.. first time in my life! First match my team won, next match our opponents won.

You know, I had a choreographer to teach us our dance for the wedding. The dance was very funny. I was in 6 dances.

On the day of Ladies Sangeet function we all danced. On the day of the wedding I also sat on a horse. Everyone was looking very good. There I ate roti, rice, sabzi and dal. I also stayed there overnight.

Overall it was a great trip and I had a lot of fun.


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