My trip through the historical time of Maharana Pratap

I went to a Club Mahindra resort in Kumbhalgarh. My dad and both my Maisis, my masu, their baby and I. We reached at night. Me and dad went by plane. It took us two hours on the plane and two hours in the car to reach there. My mom came next day after breakfast. In breakfast I ate doughnut, croissant and some bread with jam and strawberry dip. I made three pots in one day at the pottery shop…I was also thinking of making more next day after breakfast but my mom told me I can’t make any more pots :x.

I ate the same unhealthy food again :D. 

In Kumbhalgarh we saw a fort. In the fort we saw a light and sound show about Kumbhalgarh fort’s whole story. The story was about Akbar and how he wanted to take over every kingdom of that region. But Akbar couldn’t capture Maharana Pratap’s one fort and that was the Kumbhalgarh fort. The fight had taken at Haldighati. In the battle Maharana Pratap’s horse, Chetak, got his leg cut off by Mansingh’s elephant. Chetak knew that he couldn’t serve his master anymore so he took Pratap and jumped over a stream with 250kg weight on his back. Chetak died after he crossed the stream. Pratap’s brother was following him and gave his horse to Pratap and Pratap ran away. The fight was undecided. The next fight Maharana Pratap won and got back his forts. I went to the museum of Haldighati where I saw the model about Haldighati’s fight and the way Chetak took Pratap. This story made me want to go back in time and be there.

Kumbhalgarh Fort
Me with Dad and Mom at the fort
That's Pratap behind me on his Chetak
Payal mausi and me

Oh! I forgot…on 25th February it was my Mausi and Masu’s anniversary. At night we went to cut the cake. They both told 5 good and 5 bad things about each other. Then I told everyone 1 good thing about each person. Then everyone said a good thing about me. 

Pinka mausi, Deepak masu and us

The next day we went to Udaipur. We went to see a palace. There we saw many paintings, the place where the Kings announced the important things to his people, the things that they used and old transports used by them like a Palki. I remember seeing Maharana Pratap’s fighting costume also. After that we returned to Mumbai.


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