A Feast In A Thali! :)(:

Hey friends! I am back with a new story. This story is about my dinner experience at Maharaja Bhog. I went there on 24th May 2016 with my mom and dad for dinner.


I had a lot of new experiences… almost like a maharaja, because they were treating us like one. There were many things to eat. There was a Thali and people came one-by-one to serve us. It was a huge thali with many things like roti, rice, paneer sabzi, dal, kadi, aloo sabzi, cutlet, aamras, halwa, mix veg, moong dal sabzi and some small snacks. But first they served Chaas – my favourite! I took more than once :-). Now you know it was really a feast for a Maharaja…and that’s me! There were many dishes that were spicy so I couldn’t eat them, but it was good for most of the public. The Aamras was amazing! I just loved it.

A Maharaja’s Thali

In the middle of our meal an uncle came to our table asked us about our meal. He seemed very kind, in fact everybody there was very nice. He treated us in a manner that I liked. A little bit funny and asking questions about the food and taking our feedback. And there were many people coming to serve us food all the time with their special dialogue – ‘ye bhi lelo, thoda aur lelo‘. That gave me a feeling that I was a guest.


And friends now let me tell you about the ambience. There was soft music playing, cool air-conditioning and many beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling at the restaurant. All these things gave me the feeling of the place where Maharajas have their food – and that’s why the name Maharaja Bhog. The service was awesome. A man came with a kettle of warm water and a container. Then we figured out that we had to wash our hands in that! I was amazed. A washbasin coming to us???!!!


Now people if you have gone there, you should be thinking of visiting again. And ones who have not been there…please go. Its an awesome place, you will have a good time there. So, finally I give Maharaja Bhog 5 stars!



4 thoughts on “A Feast In A Thali! :)(:

  1. Excellent review – if they read it, the next meal is free 🙂 very well written Sid – good details about the place and service, keep up the very good writing.

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