My First Camp Ever!

Did you know I went to a nature camp all alone???!!! It was a YMCA NILSHI LAKESIDE CAMP! This camp was for ages 8-11 Juniors and 12-15 seniors. I had a lot of fun over there. There were many activities, for example – rock climbing, rappelling, swimming in the lake, etc.. I went there for five days and it was so amazing that it was like CLOUD 9!!!


I slept on the upper level of a bunk bed all the 4 nights. There were ten people in all in my room, including a volunteer. His name was Adil. On the third night I had a nightmare. I saw that I was taking a bath in a mall’s washroom. Then I could hear that someone has come near my washroom. Just before fainting I saw a blank face. I woke up suddenly and told Adil about my nightmare and he took me down. Then I slept with him for the rest of the night. One night we also slept outside in the basketball court where we had the camp fire. Then it started drizzling that’s why we went back to our room.


For food we had to go to the dinning hall and sing Grace before we ate. Then we had to rush to be the first in the food line as we were all very hungry all the time. And after eating food we had to wash our own plates with a soapy sponge.


I made a lot of friends there. I think 9 or 10 friends. Two of my school friends – Ahana and Tamanna – went with me for the camp. One boy was in fifth standard, and he was so smart that he knew everything in the world! But he didn’t wear specs. I found that weird as I believed all the intelligent, scientist type people wear specs. At the camp I also learnt a lot of songs. We sang them before eating and at the camp fire.


I had many new experiences, but sleeping on the bunk bed was awesome!!! I had never slept on one before and I was scared of that height. But I jumped down with no support. I had not expected such fun that I had in the camp. I found it a little difficult to do everything on my own but then it was fine. I had so many things to do there that I had no time to pay attention on these things.


On the last day they gave us a t-shirt with the quote ‘Truely Green’. Then my mom dad came to pick me up. Now that I am back I am missing washing my plate and sleeping on the bunk bed. When the next camp will come in the winters I will surely try to go with new friends and when I come back I will share the experience with you.



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