A Chance Meeting with Different People in Life

Hola! Hehehe, I’m back with a new story. It started like this. When I got up today I thought it would be another normal day but it turned out to be amazing. I learned about people different from me. I visited a Blind School today. My school organized a field trip to a Blind School as we were learning about senses. We went there after my short break in school. We travelled by bus and we even crossed my friend’s and my houses on the way. But it took us a lot of time to reach there, about 1.5 hours. But when we finally reached I saw many different people…like some people who were partially blind. 
We went inside the school and we had a tour through the school rooms. The first room we went to had some people there doing some weaving. They were weaving cloth for bedsheets. They were using a HUGE machine to do that. And I even noticed that they made not even a single mistake! The second room was quite big and people were doing embroidery (I have learnt a new word today) making paper bags and artificial flowers. The third room I went to was the Braille room (that was the only room I read the name of). Before today I didn’t know what Braille means. But now, as I visited this school, I know it means feeling dots and reading, a special method of reading for blind people. The blind people were reading quite fast…I mean amazingly fast! Fantastic speed and fabulous! I couldn’t believe they read faster than people who have sight. :/ Our teacher told us about some of the dots like ‘a’ means one dot (.) and ‘b’ means two dots (..). They also have a big canteen. They have no electronics like phones, tabs or iPads. 
I felt that these people live a difficult life but I found that they are still very happy! I saw them talking with each other, laughing and cracking jokes. Seeing them there I wondered what their life must be like. I even thought about their families. I was a bit curious about how their life must be. Today’s visit has taught me that we should never think about what we don’t have and be grateful for what we have. 


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