Peter Kittypants Chapter 1 – No Time to Waste

On one freezing evening, I was buried under my blanket watching ‘How To Cook Mice’. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Peter Kittypants. I work in the famous house of Ms. Snowy Smoothfur, she is the queen of Cat’s Paradise! And I, Peter Kittypants, am her private assistant.

Ya, so where was I??? Oh yes! So I was watching the T. V. when the phone rang. I picked up the phone. “Hello”, I said. “Hello”, the phone replied. It was my sister Kathy Kittypants. She said, “We are going on a trip to a forest. And Peter I want no excuses! We are leaving in 25 minutes exactly. Get ready, you lazy one!”
I was frozen in horror! 25 minutes, I couldn’t even comb my fur!

Dear Readers,

This is my first attempt at writing a book. To know more about what will happen to Peter when he goes to the forest, keep on reading my blog and wait for the next chapter. Bye!

Chapter 2 – A Horrifying Experience


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