Peter Kittypants, Chapter – 2, A Horrifying Experience

Suddenly, a thought struck me! I don’t have to worry, as I have 2 suitcases ready. One for hot places and one for cold places. I’ll tell you why. It’s because my boss, Snowy Smoothfur, is always unplanned so I need to be ready with my suitcases packed to be ready to leave anytime.

I keep my cold weather clothes in a red suitcase and my hot weather clothes in a blue suitcase. Orrrr….do I keep it the other way around??? No! I was right the first time. So, I need to take the blue suitcase because we are going to a jungle. I quickly got ready, did all my chores and was waiting for Kathy. When Kathy came we had some fishes, mice and milk for breakfast. After that we left in Kathy’s magical car. The magical car is a special car that can teleport us to our destination, we just need to enter the destination in the car’s main device by a special keyboard. Within seconds we were at the airport and had parked our car and made it invisible (so that we don’t get charged for parking ;-)).

Kathy told me she had found us the cheapest plane. As we were boarding I saw why we got the tickets so cheap – the plane was in such a condition that if I even hit it once it would fall into pieces. By the way, did you know that I hate aeroplanes! I get that nausea feeling every time I travel by one.

After the most difficult half an hour of my life we heard the pilot say to his partner, “I won the bet! There is no fuel left in our aeroplane”. And they both started laughing. I was wondering how can someone make a bet about something like this and not take it seriously. I was horrified. I told my sister what I had just heard. She almost fainted. Then we heard the howling of wind and saw black clouds all around us. I shouted, “IT’S A STORM! IT’S A STORM!” Everyone was scared. How would you feel if you were stuck in a storm in a plane which was in such a bad condition? Soon we felt our plane covering thousands of meters a second, diving straight down into the forest.

Dear Reader,
If you have just started reading, this is the 2nd chapter of my book. You can read the first chapter here No Time to Waste. Keep reading to find out what happens next.


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