Chapter – 3, In the Jungle

While we were falling to the ground, my phone suddenly rang. RIINNNGGGG!!! It was my boss! Ms. Snowy Smoothfur. I picked up the phone and said, “We are falling in the jungle! Ms. Smoothfur! Please help us!”. “Stop making your silly stories”, exclaimed Ms. Smoothfur. “You have taken an off without informing me.”

I turned to Kathy, who was also strapped to the seat right next to me, and said to her, “There are now about 15000 feet left and we will hit the ground sooooooooooon!” Actually soooooooon came quite quickly because this time we were taking somersaults in the air. After about 15 – 20 seconds I shouted, “the ground is getting closer to us second by second!”. Then I remembered I had a phone call going on. I put the phone back on my ear and babbled, “m-m-Ms. Smoothfur, I-I-I will call you later”. And the phone call ended. When we were in midair just about to hit the ground, somehow, I think by magic, we landed on the aeroplane’s wheels! We quickly got out of the aeroplane. When we got a little space away from the plane it collapsed into bits.


I said, “Our plane has crashed but we have still reached our destination,” everyone giggled. Then Kathy said, “I’m hungry, can we take a lunch break? I have brought some sandwiches, biscuits and water for us.” I asked, “what about the other people from the aeroplane, what will they eat?” “We can find some fruits for them”, suggested Kathy. We decided an area under a tree for collecting the fruits. Everyone started looking for fruits. I brought some water melons, Kathy brought some mangoes, the pilots brought bananas and other people brought some berries which they could find. Then we all ate our food and started roaming around the forest to find some shelter.


As it was getting dark, finally we found shelter in a cave. The cave was like a tunnel but it didn’t have two ends. It was really quite long. When we reached the last part of the cave we saw many stones shaped as cones coming out from the cave walls. They were looking like clothes hangers. We even found stones which we could use to light fire by rubbing them. We gathered some wood, rubbed the stones and lighted fire so we could get heat and light in the cold and dark cave. Then we found some leaves for us to make our beds and blankets so we could feel comfortable. We had such a tiresome day and we were very exhausted so we slept the night comfortably. But still it was not as comfortable as our homes because there were animals howling and mosquitoes surrounding us to make their dinner. But we still had those leaf blankets, so they couldn’t bite us and we slept soundly.


Dear Readers,

I am writing after a long break, sorry to interrupt the story. Now I will continue it more regularly. Here’s the next chapter



4 thoughts on “Chapter – 3, In the Jungle

  1. Sidhu, you’ve got good writing & storytelling skills. Keep it up!!
    … We are waiting to know what happens in the jungle next : )


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