Chapter 4 – The Mini People

The next morning, when we woke up (I think, it was around 8 o’clock when I woke up because I have a habit of getting up between 8’o clock & 9 o’clock) everyone of us saw a strange dream, but surely, there was one thing in all our dreams that was similar. All our dreams were parts of a story and when put together they made up an unfinished story about a red ruby getting stolen by a man in the jungle. And, oh yeah! I had seen some footprints of some people when we were looking for the cave.

I thought it was better to go out and investigate that our dreams were true or not. As we went ahead we saw that the trees and bushes were getting lesser and lesser step by step. After an hour of walking we saw round tree houses on sky scraper trees. We climbed a tree and we saw many many millions of people who were as tall as our shoes! When I said hello, they all stared at me and said ‘Bonjour’ ( hello)! “Hey! they talk in French!”, exclaimed the pilot. We gazed at him in amazement. Did he know French? “They said hello, wouldn’t you like to greet them too?”, asked the pilot. ” Hello!”, we said. 

Then one man from the crowd brought everybody together and made a circle. The man held my shoe and joined the circle. Everybody held hands and were standing still for about 1 min. After the 1 minute was over, everyone left their hands and, to my surprise, they all started talking in English. 

While we were talking to them they told us a story about the stolen Ruby and asked us if we could help getting it back. They even told us that the one who stole their ruby was full-sized, like us. Then we decided what we had to do – get the Ruby back for these nice little people! 


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