Peter Kittypants Chapter 5 – The Button

We asked them if they had any clue that can help us find the thief. Then one of the ladies spoke up, she said “I had seen some mango seeds lying on the ground. I think the thief loves mangoes”. “Bravo!!” I said. “That’s the clue I was searching for!” Then one of the mini men interrupted me. He said, “and I spotted a button near the place where the Ruby was kept”. He brought the button to us and we all had a look at it one by one. There were some letters on the button ‘PWA’ and below this there was some creature which was thin and had wings.

The Button

Then Kathy said, “Ya, now I believe you that the thief who stole the Ruby was full sized like us.” She took the button held it straight up, “this is our second clue”. 

One of the caretakers from the plane suddenly said, “I’ve seen this button somewhere before! And I know that I see this everyday. But I don’t remember where.” One of passengers shouted, “this is our third clue that the caretaker sees this everyday.” He turned to everyone and said, “think everyone, if you were a plane caretaker where would you see a button everyday…”. We all started thinking. After a few seconds one of the other passenger shouted, “on your co-workers coat or on your own coat”. This had given us all a direction to think. Which co-worker would wear a button like this? 

Suddenly it shot into my mind, “The Pilot!” I exclaimed! “What!” Shouted everyone around me. I explained, “I noticed it when I had boarded the aeroplane. The pilot was standing just beside me. I had greeted him and that’s when I noticed the button. But which one of the two pilots is the real thief?” 

Just then one of the pilots started running and we knew we had our answer. We chased after him but he was too quick for us to catch up with. Also he knew the place very well so it was easy for him to get away and hide somewhere. Now that we knew the answer we were determined to not let him get away. We would find him and get the Ruby back.


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