Peter Kittipants Chapter 6 – Our Midnight Adventure

We chased after the pilot but soon lost him. By this time it was night so we decided that we would look for him in the morning (it was rather a silly decision). We retired to our comfy leaf beds in cave. 

I heard some noise, a strange noise. I got up and looked around. I think the noise was made by someone, or something, walking on dry leaves. I whispered to everyone, “Get up! Get up! I hear some noise.” Everyone got up immediately. Then suddenly the noise stopped. The other pilot (who was not the thief) got up and said, “I can see something like a round black ball in the dim moonlight.” We went closer to the figure he had seen and understood that it was a mango seed. Then we explored a little more. We found a mango tree.”He could be hiding nearby “, I said, “We know he loves mangoes”.

The Mango Tree

“Hey! I see someone”, cried Kathy, “on the tree! Quick! Someone climb and acatch him”. I quickly climbed the tree, actualy I am not a sport cat but this brought in me a boost of energy. The other surrounded the tree so that if the thief jumps out they could catch him. When I reached the top of the tree I found myself face to face with the thief (the pilot). I caught him by the collar and threw him down to the people surrounding the tree. They caught him just when he was about 1 meter away from the ground. 

We took him to the mini people and found that the Ruby was in his pocket. We gave it to the mini people. The mini people thanked us and said that they would never forget us. 


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