Peter Kittypants Chapter 7- Sweet Ol’ Home

Now that the Ruby was found, we started thinking on how to get back . This started by Kathy saying this-:”That’s good that we got the Ruby back, but how will we get back?” We kept quiet, nobody knew how to get back. At that point, I saw a helicopter up in the sky and I recognized it, it was my friend’s helicopter. His name is Professor Handsomefur. Then I don’t know why he landed his helicopter and came out. I ran to him and brought him to the others. I introduced him to everyone, “This is my favorite friend Professor Handsomefur h- “. I was interrupted by Professor saying “Hello Peter, seeing you after such a long time!” he said cheerfully, “Who are all these people and why did you bring me here?” I told him about our jungle adventure.

“But why did you land over here?”I asked. “I landed over here to get the plant for the medicine for Mad Itch. You know that disease,” he explained. “What is Mad Itch?” everybody asked. “Mad Itch is a disease that us cats get. But why did you call me over here?”  asked Professor. “I have brought you here because we need your help to get out of here and our plane has crashed,”I replied. “First we can find the plant and then return back ” I said and as I finished my sentence Professor pointed out. ” There, there the plant is”, he exclaimed. One of the people passed it to me, I caught it and gave it to the Professor.Then Kathy asked, “Hey Peter! you said we will return back but how?”. “Some people can come in my helicopter and then I can send help for the others,” said Professor. So me and Kathy went home by the helicopter and the Professor sent help for the others.

At last in the evening I was back home and after a long time I was comfortably sitting in my cat-house. After all my adventure, I was happy to come back to the routine of eating cooked mice and drinking a litre of milk and at 10 I slept.😴


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