An Unusual Visitor Chapter – 1 Jiff makes a friend

It all happened in a small town called Kirrin, just a few years ago. In that town lived a brave and courageous policeman called Jiff. Once Jiff was out on his regular patrolling, when he crossed a house which was known to be haunted. It was a huge bungalow with a lawn as big as a cricket ground.
“I wonder what’s inside”, said the brave and mighty Jiff to himself, “People say it’s haunted. Let’s explore!”.
He went inside the huge gates. As he was crossing the lawn he heard some ghostly sounds. “Ooooooh! Bhooooo!”
“Who’s there?”, he asked, his voice trembling in fear.
“It’s the ghost of this house!”, echoed a voice, a horrible voice, from inside the bungalow. “Get out of this place right now!”, demanded the voice. Jiff was rather brave but this made him feel scared, very scared. But he was not going to give up. He took all his courage and made his way towards the bungalow.
He went inside and saw some stairs going up. It was rather dark and he could only see some feet away. “Is there somebody trying to scare me?”, he said in a deep voice. “If it’s a human, come out right now!”, he demanded. “And if it’s a ghost, stay in there. I will not disturb you,” he murmmered.
When Jiff stepped ahead he fell into a crack between the wooden floor. Soon he found himself face – to – face with a…DONKEY! To Jiff’s utter amazement, the donkey opened his mouth and started TALKING!!!

This is what the donkey said – “Um…hello! My name is Yogusho. I am from a planet called Zongu. Sorry for scaring you but it was me who made those horrible sounds”, he apologized.
“Why did you scare me?”, asked Jiff.
“That’s because I thought you would also laugh at me, a talking donkey!”, Yogusho replied in a small voice.
“Hey! Don’t be sad. I’ll introduce you to everyone and you can stay with me till the time you want to stay on this planet. No one will laugh at you again.”, Jiff promised.


7 thoughts on “An Unusual Visitor Chapter – 1 Jiff makes a friend

  1. I must say I am seeing a budding storyteller. Very well narrated, Champ. Talking Donkey suspense was so well revealed. Keep up the good work.


  2. This is how every human being dreams and his mind makes innumerable images till the consciousness returns and he finds himself in a different dreamworld and the cycle goes on for innumerable lives till he is one with the superconciousness.


  3. Sid – You have a wonderful storytelling skill. Keep your stories coming, I do not want to wait for another 4 months for your next article.
    You can keep your characters the same and revolve stories around them. That way your audience will be able to relate to your characters and it makes it for a lengthy series.
    Watch out my blog for my latest article featuring you.
    Good Luck!!


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