An Unusual Visitor, Chapter – 2, Yogusho’s Secret

As Jiff had said, he introduced Yogusho to the town and after that everybody was friendly to him. Yogusho liked everybody and everybody liked him. He was very happy until one day.

“A woman has claimed to have spotted a UFO!”, Jiff read from a newspaper. 

“Um, I think it’s time to tell you how I came here”, said Yogusho. Jiff stared at him surprised at this sudden statement. “I came here as a space explorer from my planet and …”, Yogusho paused. “I crashed over here with my spaceship”, he continued. “Now, I think the Donkos (donkeys on Yogusho’s planet are called Donkos) have come to look for me. If they think you were hurting me while I was here, they can blow up the whole planet!” He said at last. 

Some more days passed by with people wondering confusedly about these sightings of UFOs. Nobody suspected Yogusho until the time UFO sightings became very common and one day there came one with a huge sticker of a donkey. That day Yogusho, very depressed with these developments, was in the market. As soon as he saw the UFO he screamed, “They are coming to destroy the Earth!!!”

Everyone in the market went quiet. Was that true?


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