My homemade Slingshot

Two days back I was bored and I was just browsing on the YouTube when I saw a video called ’10 amazing crafts for children’. In this video, the 7th number craft was ‘how to make a slingshot at home’. I was so excited to make this that I called my dad straight away and asked him to buy me the things I needed to make it.

When my dad came back from office, I got a surprise as mom was also with him. Then I didn’t even greet them properly and started to explain to them the process. My mom could not understand my explanation, but my dad did! He’s so smart in children thingis! I had to draw and explain it to mom! Then I ate my dad’s head to buy me the things I needed to make this – a paper cup, a balloon and a ping-pong ball. He went with me to the shop behind our house and bought me these things.

After we came back home my dad helped me make it. Here’s step by step process-

1. Cut a hole at the bottom of the paper cup

2. Tie a knot at the mouth of the balloon without inflating it

3. Cut the other end of the balloon to make a hole

4. Put some glue around the lower half of the cup and stick the balloon around it,covering the hole made earlier

Your shilgshot is now ready. Just put a ping pong ball inside the cup, pull the balloon from the other end and release.

I’m now having a great time playing with my own slingshot. You can make it too and have slingshot battles with your friends.


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