An Unusual Visitor, Chapter – 3, Bye Bye Yogusho

Jiff took Yogusho home immediately, locked the door and asked him, “what do you mean by that? Why are your people coming to destroy the earth and how do you know that?”

“I have not been in touch with them for a long time now and they must have gotten worried. They have a tracker for every donko on the planet. They must have tracked me here till earth. And I can sense their presence really close. They could be here any minute now!”

Just then a rumbling sound started from outside and a strange looking spaceship that had a big black sign ‘Zongo’ on it landed in Jiff’s front yard. In the space ship, were four donkeys, actually donkos. Yogusho rushed out to meet them while Jiff was left behind really scared. The Donkos looked very angry.

Yogusho went up to them as they came out of the spaceship. Jiff, trembling with fear, took up all his courage and successfully opened the door and came outside to where Yogusho and the other Donkos were having an animated discussion in a strange language. The discussion went on a long time and Jiff, trembling ever more, kept wondering what they were talking about. Finally the discussion seemed to be coming to an end and Yogusho looked back smiling at Jiff.

“They have finally accepted that you and other earth creatures have not harmed me and have agreed not to destroy your planet. Let me introduce you to my friends. This, the smallest donko of our planet, is Maggichana. This is Tolongu, this is Potasu and my last friend here is Terompo.”

Jiff said said hello to Yogusho’s friends but kept his distance as they still looked not very friendly. “They look very angry, don’t they?”, he asked Yogusho.

“They are angry because my tracker showed I was in danger. And they are also upset about the broken spaceship as it cost a lot of Zuferesu, our money. They are here to take me back to Zongu”.

Jiff was half relieved (because the earth was safe cause he is after all a policeman) and half sad (because his new friend was leaving). “But why do you have to go? You are happy with me, aren’t you?”, he asked Yogusho.

“I need to go but I can still visit you sometimes”, said Yogusho brightly.

Jiff, looking happier, waved goodbye to his friend as the space ship took off and disappeared in the sky. Every time there is a UFO sighting or any unusual object in the sky, you should know it’s Yogusho who has come to meet his friend.


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