Rain Rain Lovely Rain!

Hello everyone! Here in India there’s season for rain. It’s called the monsoon season. It’s not like occasional rains in the summer. I have seen it raining anytime in harry potter movies. I think it gives the scary effect. My teacher told me about this, “It gives the scary effect and it’s raining anytime there in London.” You know, I’m not sure about this. But let’s go to the point.

Everyone has dislikes and likes about rains. Like my parents don’t like the puddles the rain forms. They don’t like me jumping in puddles. They let me get soaked but my mom and dad won’t go out of the house until the rain stops.

The main thing that troubles me is that, we have buildings and we don’t live in blocks like in the west, so I have to play with my building friends. I don’t like playing in the small room like area of our building entrance. We play cricket there because my friends don’t like to get wet. Now, how can anybody play cricket in a small room, of course, there is no furniture but still you can’t! I don’t know what’s the problem in getting wet!

My dislikes about rain are…nothing! I just love rain! All the elders think it’s poison dropping down. There’s just one thing that I don’t like about rains here and that is that are no rainbows. Even when it rains in the sunlight. What I like best about rain is that everyone can enjoy it in their own way. If you don’t like getting wet then you can sit by the window drinking some hot chocolate. You can also watch the trees sway in the wind. I think that’s beautiful. If you like getting wet you can jump in puddles and make a splash, with your boots on. I also love swimming when it’s raining.

This was my blog and I will see you next time. Please check out my last blog if you have not.



5 thoughts on “Rain Rain Lovely Rain!

  1. I love that umbrella in the pic..
    And you and your boots look cool..
    I love rains too, even thunders.. especially when i can go up to the terrace and watch the black clouds gathering… I think i like black clouds more than i like rainbows… Just a personal preference..

    What i dislike about rains: the roads become slippery, water clogged drains.. and i hate wearing raincoats while driving…

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