God’s Learnings

Today I am going to tell you about an accident mom and I had last month. I learned many things from the accident. These lessons, by the grace of god, came at very low price. This is what happened:- Mom and I were in our car which was parked at the side of the road. … More God’s Learnings

An Unusual Visitor, Chapter – 2, Yogusho’s Secret

As Jiff had said, he introduced Yogusho to the town and after that everybody was friendly to him. Yogusho liked everybody and everybody liked him. He was very happy until one day. “A woman has claimed to have spotted a UFO!”, Jiff read from a newspaper.  “Um, I think it’s time to tell you how … More An Unusual Visitor, Chapter – 2, Yogusho’s Secret

1 year old!

I have completed one year of blogging and I will continue to do it. I started blogging by looking at the blogs my mom has done.she made me account and I wrote my first blog ever  My Delhi Trip and I have ended the year  with another Delhi trip. Thanks to all my readers and … More 1 year old!